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This website is related to a webside of auction. If you to take part in these auctions click on Auctions website

Any user of the Website of Pierre LAURENT is expected to read the overview, operating procedures ( the principles of tender) and the "Terms and Conditions" as described below.

General: Complete inventories of bankruptcy

Will selling complete inventories generates additional costs?

Certainly not, as only the costs of removal will be your responsibility.

How can I get additional information? Who can I contact?
Feel free to e-mail or call us on the number of 'inventory info': + 32 ( 0) 475 26 21 25. We are at your disposal to answer your questions and to schedule a visit if necessary.

Principle of tenders: Complete inventories

How should I proceed?
It's very simple. Just send us an offer to purchase by clicking on the "contact" period before the auction and the price you are interested in.

If there is no indication of icons, the duration of the tenders shall be two months calender.

However, if the desired price is achieved or exceeded before the deadline, we reserve the right to withdraw from selling the respective item.

What happens to my bid after I have sent it?

Each bid will be reviewed before or after being committed .Your offer will end up in either one of the two cases as followed: Offer rejected - Offer accepted. You will receive an email about the final outcome.

Possible reasons: Your form of identification could be incorrect. An offer more superior than yours could be placed at the same time. A bid equal to yours could be placed before you. However,you will be notified of the amount offered by email.

You will receive a short review of your offer (Ref inventory, description, amount of your offer ...). Your value of the offer will be confirmed on the website, henceforth, respecting your anonymity. You will, from that point on, be seen as the potential buyer of the bankruptcy inventory or item for which you have placed an offer.

An Important remark : If an offer more superior than yours is placed before the closing of the bid, you will be notified. Henceforth, for this reason, we advise you to visit our website regularly to check the state of offers for the inventory or item concerned.

How will I know if my offer is ultimately successful?
You will receive an email with the title:
The Payment of your offer will be fulfilled within 10 days by a bank transfer. The procedure for removal of your item or your entire inventory, will be determined by a mutual agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Each buyer must be paid in full before its withdrawal of the acquisition .
If payment is not settled on time or liability rising by reason of buyer’s breach of any of its obligations as set forth in the agreement, henceforth, bond’s vis-à-vis vendor shall be null and void. As a result, one will have the right to terminate the purchase without having to resort to legal action, without prejudice to the right to demand compensation for damages.

The full purchase price on lots are sold, with any or all defects and / or errors of description. The buyer is deemed to have inspected the lots purchased. If purchase is done without prior inspection, sellers cannot be held liable for any errors whatsoever. In all the cases, acquisition raises immediately after the adjudication, the account and the risk of the purchasers. No discount will be granted for incorrect dimensions or descriptions. The names, sizes and quantities, as in good faith described in the catalog will be accepted as an indication. If, due to errors or other causes, goods or equipment are not there as expected, no grounds could be used to charge the sellers. They will not justify the cancelation or termination of the deal.

The bidder buyer should be mindful that owing to the the time of bidding, there is no right of appeal for defects in the goods (Art. 1649 CC) and no priority of service is entitled (Art. 1648 CC).

The auctioneer has the right to withdraw and buyers cannot assume the rights to this fact.

Buyers are required to remove, dismantle or demolish their acquisition skillfully , and henceforth, liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage to property vendors or any third party.

Buyers are required to follow the instructions of the seller for the reception of the acquisition. Sellers, shall be held responsible individually or collectively for any accident on a person and on the premises during the days of visit or during the removal of goods. Foreign buyers are required to pay in Euro.

Any bidder / buyer acknowledges its implementation, awareness and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Buyers should clearly know the terms and conditions of sale and ignorance of this fact is not an acceptable excuse.

Any user of the Website by Pierre LAURENT should have read the overview, operating procedures (principle of tender) and the "Terms and Conditions" as described above.

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